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The singing nightingale of the sinhala music- Maestro Nanda Malani began her live musical concert carrier after 22 years of long silence, and the legendary show is named as "Shwetha Rathriya" - another golden achievement of Sirasa FM - the pinnacle of sinhala radio industry in Sri Lanka. Shwetha Rathriya - Nanda Malani live in concert is planned for 25 shows and the 19th one took place at Badulla on last Saturday
- 10th March 2012. It was a very succesful concert, and admired by everyone. These are some of the pics taken at the event.


  1. Anonymous  

    Good work by SIRASA .....Again

  2. Anonymous  

    Good work, Sirasa. You guys always do innovative things. Keep up good work

  3. Anonymous  

    It was a wonderful evening one of those we can rarely have in this life....
    Nanda Maliniye...
    Its true, you are the nightingale of sinhala music.

  4. Anonymous  

    Sirasa FM ? what a shame Nanda Malini. What happened to your principles ?

  5. Ahinsaka  

    nanda malaniyani obata digasiri

  6. Anonymous  

    good work sirasa!!! kp it up

  7. Anonymous  

    I like her.please come to Embilipitya.

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